Fando Network is enabling further monetization and fan engagement for creators via tokenization, allowing creators to unlock their tokens periodically, and based upon milestones.

Some Top Tokenized Creators


Arema FC


Port Futsal Club




Bali United


Buriram United


Bangkok Futsal

How it works?

Apply for tokenization.

2. Your fan token is launched and viewers can now earn your token for free via the plugin, increasing viewership and watch time.

3. Post polls/content relating to channel decisions which token holders can vote on.

4. Get paid out in your own creator token over time and as you hit milestones.

Creator Benefits

Additional monetization while adding to the fan experience.

Monetize further via your own Creator token unlocks NFT Moments & through the sale of creator-based services.

Increase engagement, and loyalty amongst fans.

What do we do for Creators?

Fando provides a fan tokenization platform for creators, this means creators are able to launch their own fan token, increasing fan engagement, and loyalty and furthering monetization.

Viewers are able to earn a creators’ native token via the Fando platform when they engage with creators’ content. This incentivizes increased engagement

Creators can put out polls / surveys allowing fans to vote on channel-based decisions, the more creator tokens a fan has, the more weight their vote has. This increases engagement, loyalty, and fan feedback.

Over time a creator will unlock creator tokens themselves, they will also unlock further creator tokens as they hit performance-based milestones.

Creator Token Flow

Creator FAQs

A Creator token is unique to each Creator, it’s a utility cryptocurrency token that can be bought or sold using Fando, earnt via various different methods, and used to purchase that specific Creator NFTs, Merchandise, and other connection-based services. Creators get one-third of the supply of their Creator token, these however are vested and unlocked to the Creator as they hit performance-based milestones.

The Fando token holders will vote on whether a Creator should be able to tokenize or not, once Fando has accepted an application, the vast majority will be accepted over time.

Yes you can via the Fando DEX, Creator Swap.

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