The #Engage2Earn

Fando is a network utilizing the power and value of a De-Fi solution for sports and eSports creator monetization via creator tokenization, allowing fans to earn rewards and govern the creator’s decisions via the Fando platform.

Our Backers


Kurt Weiss

Founder of Miti Ventures

Shubhrendu Khoche

Founder of Miti Ventures

Matt Zatto

Partner at Mana Partners

Shiyan Koh

Partner at Hustle Fund

Tom Varkey

Ex. Partner of Stonehill Capital

Alexander Janssen


Jamie Lewin

Partner at Mana Partners

Shishir Bharti

CPO at aCommerce

Joseph Thomas

Ex. CXO of Uber, LinkedIn

Patricia Auer

COO at Nest


Alireza Masrour

GP at Plug and Play

What is Fando Network?

Fando Network is a content creator tokenization platform
where you can earn and trade your favourite creator tokens.

Engage with tokenized creator’s content directly on the Fando platform and earn their native creator token.

Download Fando
to start creating and engaging

Benefits to creators & fans


Additional monetization while adding to the fan experience.

Increase engagement, watchtime and loyalty amongst fans.

Monetize further via your own creator token unlocks, NFT Moments & through the sale of creator based services.


Earn, stake, view and trade creator tokens via the Fando App.

Have a say in the creators decisions via governance.

Track and Analyze creator tokens via

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